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Nightlight & Sleep Trainer

ZAZU’s innovative design combines a nightlight and a sleep trainer, gently guiding your child through a sequence of colors and sounds to signal when it’s time to settle down and when it’s okay to rise and shine.

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Dreamy Lullabies

ZAZU comes with a collection of dreamy lullabies and gentle sounds to create the perfect bedtime symphony. Enjoy a variety of melodies that will soothe your child to sleep.

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Starry Night Projection

Watch as ZAZU projects a mesmerizing starry night sky onto the ceiling, turning the bedroom into a celestial wonderland. Create a magical atmosphere that will spark your child’s imagination.

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Parent-friendly Design

ZAZU is designed with parents in mind. Simple controls make it a breeze to customize the bedtime routine, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for both you and your child.

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