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Foghat Smoking Cloche Set


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The complete package!!! The Foghat Smoking Cloche Set includes everything you need to make the perfect smoked cocktail or smoke your favorite charcuterie, meats, cheeses, nuts or any culinary delight.


Foghat with stainless steel mesh guard
Foghat Cloche with Acacia wood/slate cutting board
3 Foghat Culinary Smoking Fuels (1 ounce tin)
Bourbon Whiskey Barrel Oak
Old Hickory
Old Towne Gin
Culinary Kitchen Torch
Chimney Sweep
Instruction Book
The Foghat Cocktail Smoker will change the way you experience food and spirits. Hand turned from a solid piece of white oak, the Foghat sits comfortably on your rocks glass, snifter or specially designed Foghat cloche. Flavored natural smoking fuel is added to the Foghat Smoker and burnt with a kitchen torch, creating a cascading waterfall of culinary smoke while enhancing the flavor of your food and spirits. Our epicurean smoke profiles were developed in conjunction with the finest chefs and bartenders throughout the United Kingdom and Europe and are sure to make an exquisite addition to your dining or drinking experience. Explore the alluring optical elegance of the Foghat Cocktail Smoker for yourself and ignite the senses!

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